From the Wii and now to the Kinect, open-sourced virtual reality is becoming a trend in developing potential entertainment mediums. The technology might not be new but Kinect’s first step towards virtual reality might yield better results than the Wii. This video released by Sittiphol Phanvilai of Hua Lampong Co. demonstrates the ability of the Kinect in bringing virtual reality to home users by adjusting the image based on the user’s positing. In this case, lines and orbs adjust to the user’s current position and therefore displays what appears to be a live actual object.

The program does not require a great amount of processing power as the image is separated from the actual Kinect device. As stated above, the Kinect’s job is just to detect the user’s positing and adapts the image accordingly. Readers might be familiar with a similar program used in the Wii but with the Kinect’s depth camera, it might be possible to not only adapt the image’s positioning but also its size, appearing to be closer/farther away from from the object based on the user’s distance from the Kinect.

For more information, visit , the Youtube account of Sittiphol Phanvilai.


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