From the developer of the Kinect’s Ultra Seven feature comes another intriguing and fun project as Youtube user hogehoge335 presents a Kinect user-code that allows the user to perform one of the most memorable super powers of all time, the Kamehameha. This video shows the code developer demonstrating the various features the project have, from transforming into a “Saiyan” to different power levels of the Kamehameha. Starting the program transforms the user into a Saiyan (adds long and sharp hair plus the glowing yellow aura) and one can control the scale of the Kamehameha through a lower posture and arm pull.

The technology used pretty much resembles that of hogehoge335’s Ultra Seven program but one feature that deserves attention is the shadow casted by the charged energy ball. It adapts to the user’s background made possibly because of the Kinect’s depth camera. The code is out and you can download it here or visit the Kinect Kamehameha Webpage.


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