Webcam conversations may no longer be enough as the Kinect community is moving towards making holographic video streaming a possibility. The people from MITNewsOffice released this video of what they claimed to be the “fastest frame rate yet” when it comes to streaming live holographic video through the internet. Present at the video is a representation of the popular Star Wars figure, “Princess Leia” who, as many fans may recall, engaged in numerous hologram conversations in the trilogy. The video of Leia conversing was taken by the  Kinect and was then streamed through a computer, over the internet and to another computer located in another venue.

Using only standard graphic chip sets, the hologram was still viewed in its raw form. We then might see better visual rendering if the Kinect was hooked to a more powerful CPU. The developers have not yet given specific details to the project nor has it released a code, but as soon as the details are released, expect to see and get it here at Kinect Hacks.


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