Classic presentations using background elimination is limited to one plane and may appear 3d in nature. But Nuvixa recently used the Kinect device to create the Nuvixa StagePresence program that allows users to do the usually garbage-matte video effect but can appear to be inside the background environment or be “present” inside the video. The Kinect’s depth camera allows the user to venture in open space without fearing the limited border from the usual mono color background requirement. Since the Kinect is able to detect the frame of the user, it simply deletes the rest of the existing background image and replace it with the selected image or video. The result is the assigned character being inside the video, appearing to be at that place, at that time.

In this video by Youtube account of ¬†, the Kinect StagePresence is put to use. With this Kinect development comes the user’s freedom to create presentations and film effects that would’ve otherwise been¬†inaccessible.

For more information about Nuvixa’s Kinect StagePresence, visit their website.

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