Some of us might have seen this coming but this latest Kinect hack highlights the possible collaboration of the Xbox peripheral and Sony’s Playstation Move. Creating a 3d environment for music creation and using the Kinect and PS Move as the primary controllers, users can express their musical side by interacting with the objects located in the 3d environment. The Kinect is able to manipulate the positioning of the 3d object music makers as well as their pitch. The head tracking of the Kinect also allows the user to move closer or further and adjusts the image in order to maximize the view of the user. The Playstation on the other hand is in charge of selecting the objects that play the sound, moving the on-screen cursor and adjusting the tempo of the music. Nothing can be more definitive for the 2 rivals (Move and Kinect) than creating great music together. We’ll definitely see more of this collaboration in the future. The question is, what genres or categories will the Kinect-Move penetrate in?

This video by Youtube UserĀ  shows the 3d Music Environment and also the Kinect and Playstation Move being used to create music. The notes used are simple drum kicks but we’ll definitely see more kinds of instruments as this project further develops.

For more information about the Kinect-Move collaboration, visit the developer’s website.

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