The community shows to the world that classic games are not the only games that Kinect can control. The action-packed zombie first person shooter, Left4Dead now joins the portfolio of games that motion-control can be used thanks to the Kinect. In this video release by Youtube userĀ , controlling one of the 4 remaining survivors of this zombie holocaust with the Kinect can result in a full motion-controlled FPS game. The other hand can serve as the trigger by gesturing the hand to swiftly swing while the other hand can serve as the aiming hand for users to adjust their sights. This is one of the few, recently released games to adapt the Kinect’s motion commands but since the number of the games are increasing, we’re going to expect more of these contributions from the community (and also commercial releases too).

The project was made using the FAAST software and the developer’s Autohotkey.

For more information about the Kinect Left4Dead, visit the project’s Youtube Page or download the code here.

Download Code
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