This interesting take on the Kinect’s capability to detect depth will definitely interest light show enthusiasts. With the help of Kinect, users may now engage in an interactive performance with designed lights. This video release by James Patten explores the possibility of interactive light shows by using the Kinect and plotting specific points on arbitrary planes. The result, as seen in this video, is remarkable. The user or objects are then followed with specifically designed lights based on their position on the designated plane.

This project is indeed beneficial for a lot of people ranging from performers to lights designers and even to party organizers. The ability to highlight people through the use of lights has always proven itself effective. What more now where people can interact with these lights? You can now party with lights following your movements, you can perform while having alluring lights follow you and you design all these possibilities with the help of Kinect.

For more information about the James Patten, visit his website.


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