Have you ever wanted to live that Jedi dream and wield yourself a venerable lightsaber? Dream no more as the Kinect’s innovative depth camera makes it easier for developers to bring this fictional weapon to the hands of fans. Youtube user released this video of his recent exploits of the Kinect and programmed to create a real-time lightsaber action sequence. This is a breakthrough in terms of special effects as many know that the lightsaber effect is a post-production added feature. With this development however, editors and game producers can more capitalize on the Kinect’s power and create programs that make use of special effects in real-time. This lessens the editing time, increases the fun factor and also gives the viewers first-hand images of their actions.

The program made use of openKinect’s drivers and the image rendering and editing features of of openCV.

For more information about the Kinect Lightsaber, visit yankeyan’s Youtube Channel.

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