Kinect and Apple Product integration is increasingly becoming a widespread platform for the community developers to use. Since the drivers and programs are readily available, Kinect hackers have been experimenting one what the depth camera device and the touch screen computer products are capable off. This recent Kinect program make use of an iPhone and the Kinect in order to create a homebrew game for the computer. Two users are able to play this game. One uses their body traced by the Kinect and use their hands to pop incoming objects. The other user has the iPhone as their primary controller, touching the surface in order to dictate where the objects will fall. This seemingly versus game will no doubt set the trend for more cross-platform use for the Kinect.

The developers used a TUIOPad for the iPhone and the OSceleton for the Kinect body frame detection.

Here is a short description by the developer:

Here is a brief description from the developer:

Written as a quick demo of the interaction using OSCeleton and MT4J. TUIOPad for the iPhone is used for generating touch events, which use x-coordinate to start throwing crystals. Kinect/OpenNI/NITE is used to track hands and catch the falling crystals

For more information about the iPhone and Kinect game, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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