Here is another great Kinect program from TWEEN interactive design and it showcases how the Kinect can be used as a tool for an interactive experience in reading ebooks. Using hand gestures, users can freely browse the pages of their favorite digital ebooks with this Kinect Interactive Ebook Reader. This interactive NUI gives users a more natural and futuristic twist in ebook reading. Especially in a society wherein classic ways of learning are slowly becoming outdated, such innovations are welcomed by the new generation who are looking for more interesting ways to learn. The ebook program itself is designed to resemble a real book in terms of quality and outline. There is also a page-flip effect when the user turns the page forward or backward.

In this video,  the Kinect Interactive Ebook reader is shown being used by one of the developers. A hand gesture resembling a page-flip, changes the pages of the ebook. Users can then freely read their books through this up-to-date user interface.

For more information about the Kinect Interactive Ebook Reader, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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