More sectors of society are starting to recognize the benefits of a well-thought of concept for the Kinect. The recent group to take notice of the Kinect is the aviation transport industry which believes that through the Kinect, an accurate and organized air traffic control platform can be made. Members from Constraint Technologies released this video of the Air Control Platform being used for a dry-run of accessing and reviewing flight routes and air traffic. In the video, a user is using his hands to view information on airplanes in traffic and also scout the global air paths for information.

While the video is seemingly for information gathering only, we can already foresee that such Kinect-based UI will definitely be used even for controlling air flights, contacting chartered planes and adjusting schedules. After all, with a detailed visual interface and with the Kinect to properly guide the user’s actions, this concept for aviation control provides the user with all the information, control and convenience they need.

For more information about Constraint Technologies, visit their website.

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