We’ve seen the Kinect control Quadrotors and Kondo robots and it has always impressed the Kinect community. Now, the Kinect has expanded its list of motion-controlled robots by including the iCub Robot. Using a Wiimote to stop the movement and the Kinect to input the motion commands, the Kinect-controlled iCub Robot again exemplifies the accuracy of the Kinect and how the depth camera device would fit well in giving user’s a control platform for robots.

In this video release by Youtube UserĀ , the iCub robot is controlled by the user’s motion. The robot responds accordingly by imitating the user’s movements. The Wiimote present in the hand of the user is used to start and stop the movements. This is indeed a prelude to motion-controlled robots. This technology will definitely revolutionize certain sectors of society (we predict the medical and industrial sectors).

The Kinect iCub Robot was made using the OpenNI and NIITE frameworks with Yarp.

For more information about this project, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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