Flash software has now entered the scene.  Jim Spadaccini of Open Exhibits, a community dedicated in researching and producing open source gesture-based applications, uploaded this video showing the Kinect in action. The 3 applications in the video are the VR Panoramic viewer, Google Maps module, and the Gigapixel Image Viewer and through the use of gestures, users can view panoramic pictures, narrow down/maximize maps searches and also zoom in and out of images, all with the use of arm movements.

The developer used OpenKinect drivers to make the Kinect serve as a “virtualized webcam” and produce the desired output commands based on the gestures. One can think of the Mac touchpad as reference in imagining what the Kinect and the said Flash Applications can do. You can also go to the Open Exhibit Website for more information about the code or you can download it here.


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