In big orchestra halls, the composer’s intense movement is a thing of beauty. One can easily link the strength of the music based on the composers physical actions. It is a thing of envy. But now, Kinect users need not need to spend huge amounts of money to experience the grandeur of being a composer. The Kinect Gestural Instrument transforms the user’s body into musical instrument of its own. This video release by Russ Maschmeyer displays one of the features of his Gestural Instrument Concept, the intensity or magnitude control. Through the intense arm sways, users can control the magnitude of the music being played. Users will notice that sound becomes louder and fuller as the Kinect-composer gestures with force and it also normalizes as the arms calm down. This is but one aspect of the full range of controls and features that the Gestural Instrument project aims to deliver. So again, while it is always a dream come true to bask yourself with glory from extravagant concert halls, Russ Maschmeyer and the Kinect have given the means to compose music through your body.

For more information about the Kinect Gestural Instrument, visit its Vimeo Page. Stay tuned as more updates about the Gestural Instrument will follow.

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