The futuristic concept presented in the movie, Minority Report, might not be so far to the future after all. Evoluce presents their latest product, the Kinect Multi-Gesture Software, a gesture-based program designed to bring the Minority Report feel. This video by Wolfgang Herfurtner displays this intuitive controls for their new Evoluce product. In the video, a 3d image of the car is displayed. Using hand-gestures similar to that of the Minority Report image browsing scene, the user can then rotate the image and zoom in and out. Gesture-based browsing are slowly coming together and converging to create a standardized gesture pattern. We might soon see our keyboards and mice being replaced by these. With the Microsoft’s Kinect SDK coming out, we will definitely see more of these hacks in the future.

Here are some words from the developers:

“Evoluce presented at the RTT Excite a “Minority-Report”-like software for the Microsoft Kinect sensor. Objects on the screen can be dragged and dropped by simple hand gestures in the air. By closing his hand the user grabs and object on the screen can move around. By using the second it is possible to zoom and rotate the object. Precise finger tracking via the Kinect 3D-sensor allows to manipulate not only objects but also icons, images and videos on the screen. Multi-touch applications can be controlled by both hands and gestures of the fingers without touching the surface of the display. This natural user interface software enables also finger- and hand-tracking of multiple users at the same time. A huge variety of applications in gaming, consumer electronics, office, education, point of sale and medical systems can be controlled by touchless gestures in an intuitive way.”

For more information about Kinect Mult-Gesture Software by Evoluce, visit the project’s website.

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