Don’t just play the panic, live it. If you think you can calmly control through the horrors of Dead Space 2, with the Kinect, you might want to think again. This recent video release by challenges users to keep their wits with them as they use their bodies and the Kinect in order to survive the nightmarish universe. With the FAAST and the Kinect, the user is able to play the game through physical motion and give themselves an even more horrific, in-game experience. In this video, controlling Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of the story, is done by capturing the player’s movements through the Kinect. Leaning forward and backward makes the the character move while hand movements control the aim and magnetic/telekinetic┬ásidearm feature of Dead Space 2. The genre’s ever increasing over-the-shoulder POV is ideal for the Kinect as it utilizes the view and controls efficiently. With this recent hack, we are definitely expecting more Kinect-based games from developers (or from the community). Resident Evil Kinect anyone?

For more information about the controls of the Kinect Dead Space 2, visit the Youtube Page of the project.

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