Yet in another potential use of Kinect in creating motion-based art, we see how the Nvidia’s CUDA SDK smoke particle effect can be generated through motion. Using hand movements to direct the point of smoke generation, a seemingly nice flow of digital colored smoke particles is viewed. With the right choreography, a great artistic masterpiece can be created. Vimeo user Voxels released this video of the Kinect’s integration with the CUDA SDK in action. As you can see, the user was able to use the Kinect to trace his hand. This served as the point where the smoke is released and with the help of physics generated by the SDK, the smoke particles rises which adds beauty and depth to the image. A shadow of the smoke is also casted on the ground of the digital representation, adding another visual appeal to the video. This development adds another rich and colorful artistic program for the Kinect. This program however can also pave the way for cutting-edge graphic generation for games and media. If you can have smoke particles rise from the point of your hand, we’re pretty much sure that other interesting concepts will be delivered by the Kinect community.

For more information about the Kinect CUDA Test, visit the project’s Vimeo Website.

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