Now the Kinect has gone further ahead in the medical sector by providing users with a reliable program for cardiac therapy. The Esoma Exercise System addresses the concern of most doctors that patients do not do strictly adhere to their home therapy with the help of Kinect. By making the therapeutic actions a game, developers of the Esoma System hopes to give home users a platform that accurately dictates the steps they need to observe and also make therapy less routine in order to maximize their recovery period.

In this video release by Youtube user , users can see the proper body structure they need to do in order to maintain their therapy. The Kinect then captures the current body structure of the user and the tells the user if it is observing the proper body gesture. By doing the proper routine, the user can then win the game and also observe the methods to maximize cardiac recovery.

Here is a description of the program by the developers:

“The Esoma Exercise System aims to shift cardiac rehabilitation to a patient-centered approach. Patients will play games powered by Microsoft Kinect and computer vision algorithms that recognize the execution of rehab exercises.
Patients will wear physiological sensors while playing the games that monitor heart rate, blood oxygenation, etc. Rich feedback about their progress and improvement in physiological state will be embedded in the game to motivate self-efficacy. There will still be clinicians on the other side of the server, but they will act more as coaches that help patients make decisions for themselves based on the data. The system is being built as a CollaboRhythm plug-in so that it can benefit from the powerful tools for data visualization, communication, and social support.”

For more information about the Esoma Exercise System visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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