Ever wondered how the Kinect works or how user-developers were able to capitalize on the Kinect’s depth camera and body tracking features? Well the people Microsoft Research were kind enough to create a scientific paper about the Kinect’s AI features and published it for the benefit, knowledge and use of Kinect developers all over the globe. The primary subject of the scientific paper is the Kinect’s body tracking ability. While there have been existing technology that give users the feature to host body tracking technology, most of them suffer from various errors and obstacles such as positioning. The Microsoft Research team were then able to explain in their research how they were able to solve this problem among all things and add features to the Kinect to make it to the depth camera with body tracking device that we love today.

The scientific paper from Microsoft’s Research can best explain the dynamics of the Kinect’s AI and how this feature is able to detect the user and adapt to their positioning. A preview we can give to you about this Kinect feature is that the AI trained to recognize over a million of inferred images in order to give out the proper body position and gesture to the Xbox and now, the computer.

For more information about Microsoft’s Kinect Scientific Paper, visit the pdf of the project.

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