Using the Kinect for scene reconstruction is no mystery to the Kinect community. As a matter of fact, this concept has attracted the interest of many and more developers are researching on using the Kinect for more accurate 3d image reconstruction. The latest (and the greatest yet) is this Kinect program contributed by Nicolas Burrus who tinkered with the Kinect’s depth camera and manage to get an accurate 3d scene reconstruction. The RGB Demo v0.5.0. is toolkit aimed to bring users closer in having a fully-functional 3d image capture device. The premise of this project is having a handheld Kinect scan a room. The Kinect is able to use its default depth camera for a basic 3d image capture and through the RBG Demo v.0.5.0., the image captured are much more detailed and furnished.

This video by  showcases the demo and how far the Kinect community has gone in contributing to the 3d image capture concept.

For more information about the RGB Demo v0.5.0., visit Nicolas Burrus’ website or download the code here.

Download Code
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