More dazzling Kinect virtual avatars go our way with this latest (and artistic) one enters the list. The Kinect 3dFeel Hikari avatar showcases the Kinect’s motion capture feature and its ability to control virtual avatars through the physical movements of the user. Nicolas Loeillot showcases this latest Kinect program that lets users embody the colorful yet mysterious figure of a Hikari Avatar. In this video, the Hikari avatar has this colorful aura around it. Set in a cyber world, the Hikari avatar stands out in an array of visual appeal. The user then gets to control the Himeki avatar and use it to dwell and interact on this virtual environment. 3dFeel is surely creating this top-of-the-line virtual world and we hope we can get our hands on this Kinect-powered product.

For more information about the Kinect 3dFeel Hikari Avatar, visit the project’s website.

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