The creation of 3d images using the Kinect is becoming more accurate as more creative developments are ushered in. One of these developments (and also one of the most promising) is the roboScan by Shawn Sims and Karl Willis. In this video released by the authors, the Kinect is mounted on a ABB4400 robot arm which in turn positions the Kinect and moves it to the designated locations in order to grab accurate images. The images are then processed to develop a a stunning 3d model of the actual images captured.

Here is a more detailed description of the project:

“roboScan is a 3D modeler + scanner that uses a Kinect mounted on a ABB4400 robot arm. Motion planning and RAPID code are produced in Robot Studio and Robot Master. This code sends movement commands and positions to the robot as well as the 3D position of the camera. C++ and openFrameworks are used to plot the depth data of Kinect in digital 3D space to produce an accurate model of the environment. “

First the images then follows the video. Ladies and gentlemen, the Kinect’s spectacular features and affordable price is bringing the creation of 3d media to consumers all around the world.

For more information about the roboScan, visit the project’s Vimeo Website.

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