After a rigorous training at the gym, don’t you want something to look at in order to make all those iron-pumping worth it?  The Kinect VLAM 3d Body Scanner is an innovative tool which uses the Kinect in order to keep a record of your gym progress in terms of aesthetics. This video by  showcases the Kinect VLAM’s potential in being used at gyms or for your own personal fitness record. In the video, a person is tracked by the Kinect and his body image, especially the muscles are uploaded to the program’s data base. The person can then set the image and provide a background to it, keeping a record of the body’s changes at the course of their selected fitness program. This Kinect program would definitely be an asset to the world as it promotes fitness and creates a platform to motivate people to keep up with their fitness program.

For more information about the Kinect VLAM 3d Body Scanner, visit the project’s website.

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