Apple and Microosft may be bitter rivals in the tech industry but that won’t stop ingenious KinectHackers from combining some of their more prominent technological products into something awesome.

Today’s featured hack is called the Padzilla, aptly named not only because of the size of the output but because of the nature of its scope. Here’s a description from the developers:

“This is the largest interactive reproduction of an iPad in the world spanning 24 feet wide and 12 feet tall. The giant iPad display is constructed through the newest 3.5mm LED wall matrix display technology. 3.5mm is the thinnest LED separation currently possible for this type of LED matrix display. Padzilla now enables the user to interact on a large scale from a multitouch reproduction platform and is now multi-input gesture capable. This gives a great deal of flexibility on an already popular platform with thousands of apps for entertainment and business presentation purposes.”

Looks like something I’d have fun playing Fruit Ninja on. After watching the video, check out their website to learn more using the link below!


Visit Project Website



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