Microsoft and Apple may be from opposing camps and are constantly butting heads but there’s no denying that both sides are constantly producing technology that’s changing the way we do things. And while the chances that these two companies would work together are rather slim, that doesn’t stop fans from finding ways to combine their marvelous creations.

Case in point, today’s featured hack uses two of the most revolutionary products from these tech giants — Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Kinect.

One of the fun things about using the iPad is that you can control it using nothing but simple swiping gestures. Now imagine being able to do that on a much bigger scale and without having to physically touch your iPad. That’s exactly what the guys at Crunchy Logistics have come up with — they’ve combined the iPad and augmented its gestures feature with the Kinect and then projected it on a massive screen. The result is a fun looking interface that, as they say, will make you feel like you’re Iron Man.

Check out the video and see it in action!



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