Emily Strouse’s Kinect Bunnies was previously featured here in Kinecthacks.com. Kinect Bunnies is a program that make use of the Kinect’s tracking system in giving the user’s the ability to control a virtual avatar (in this case, a pink bunny). The user can then interact in the virtual environment using the Kinect bunny avatar. This recent video though, shows Emily Strouse using the Kinect Bunnies program for story-telling purposes. Accompanied by verbal account of the story, users can then actively participate in story telling re-enactments, adding a sense of interactivity and joy. Children will be impressed and can even interact in this new method of story-telling by either being the avatar or requesting to the user what kind of actions the protagonist should take.

For more information about thie Kinect Bunnies Story-Telling, visit the Emily Strouse’s Website.

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