Art and gaming is slowly merging especially with the arrival of independent art house games. Not getting left behind, various developers from the Kinect Community have taken it upon themselves to constantly give interactive, motion-based games to the general public. One of the recent arrivals for this genre is the Kinect Interactive Silhouette. This simple eye-candy game entices its users to constantly interact not only with the game but also with others in the quest of experimenting on shapes that can be achieved when silhouettes merge. The Kinect captures the user’s body outline and then transforms this into jelly-like shadow. These figures can then merge with other shadows from other users, achieving a different shape altogether.

In this video release by Youtube userĀ , the Kinect silhouette is being enjoyed by various users. Objects fall from the top of the screen and the bounce off the user’s silhouette. The players can then experiment on various shapes formed together in order to capture as many of these objects.

For more information about the Kinect Silhouette Game, visit the developer’s website.

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