The brilliant members of Team Grid brings us this very interesting video game called “Hyperflux”. The game joins the growing list of user-made Kinect games outside the Xbox. “Hyperflux” made use of the Kinect by tracking the user’s body and configuring it to make the body the in-game character. The user then has to move his body in order to avoid incoming obstacles and proceed to the next level. The game resembles that of Human Tetris but “Hyperflux” is more inclined in making shape-like holes rather than human body outlines. Having a futuristic theme, being able to play it with the Kinect and being a fun and interactive game makes “Hyperflux” a welcome addition to the Kinect communit’s accomplishments.

This video by Youtube User  shows how the Hyperflux is played. Incoming obstacles have holes in them which the user has to go through in order to proceed to the next level. By moving their arms, users are able to navigate their in-game avatar and by jumping, the user is able to elevate the avatar for elevated holes.

For more information about the Hyperflux, visit the project’s website.

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