The Kinect continues to make futuristic scenarios come true. With programs giving data physical representations for easier understanding, the Kinect adds more features for the user’s benefit by integrating motion-based interactiveness to existing data charts. Yves Quemener is the brilliant mind behind this amazing Kinect function and in this recent video release, he shows how, through Kinect, browsing and managing data have been made easier. Using his hand gestures to pick specific data, adjust the timelines and plot specific points, the user is able to fully interact with the given data. This not only adds a new way of accessing and using data but also provides an easier and more convenient alternative viewing method.

Here is a description of the Interactive Data Module:

“Here is a tool I made to explore the gapminder dataset using the kinect. I am a huge fan of Hans Rosling’s TED talk about the data of countries development. Recently for the BBC he made a fake augmented reality video with his dataset and since then I have wanted to make a realtime version of it

This was made possible thanks to two open efforts : the open source driver for the kinect, libfreenect and the open data effort of Hans Rosling who offers his dataset for download.”

For more information about this project, visit Yves Quemener’s website.

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