The Kinect community has taken it upon themselves to further enhance the capability of PrimeSense’s depth camera device. Finger tracking was not part of the initial Kinect feature upon release but the Kinect community has since then developed multiple programs  that allow the Kinect to track finger outlines. This latest Kinect hack by Youtube user  shows the latest progress of the community in establishing a reliable finger tracking feature for the Kinect. Having finger tracking with the Kinect greatly expands the number of features and programs that can be created with the Kinect has the base command input. Natural User Interfaces can greatly benefit from these developments as users aim to create more precise, gesture-based command platforms for various programs and devices.

In this video, the user is seen demonstrating his latest developments on Kinect Finger Tracking Extraction. The Kinect is able to detect the palm of the hand, making it the point that connects all the fingers. This feature is for all developers out there who need an accurate and workable Kinect Finger Tracking technology.

For more information about the Kinect Finger Tracking Feature, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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