Some Kinect users may find some gesture-based commands physically taxing. Constant arm movements or hand waves might prove to be too tiring and some users still settle for the old mouse and keyboard. But with the help of developers Eray Berger & Cem Keskin, all that is about to change. They have created what they call the Sigma Natural Interface for the Kinect which aims to make simpler, improved and easier controls for the Kinect. This interface make use of primarily the hand and can execute a variety of commands without doing much effort. This  video they submitted displays the extremely accurate interface they have made for the Kinect. This breakthrough project points out the possibility of making more refined Kinect hacks and programs and also encourages users to try to develop the Kinect interface for more convenient and innovative features.

The SigmaNI was submitted to us by the developers Eray Berger and Cem Keskin for their OpenNI Developers Content. For more information about their cunning Kinect project, visit their website.


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