When looking for people to work with, one thing that clients may be looking at as well is which companies are the most tech-savvy? Which ones are using the most up-to-date technology? You can give yourself that edge by using some of the interesting presentation applications out there that just so happen to be powered by a Kinect.

Today’s featured hack is from the team at Paradox and it’s called Natural Business:

“Natural Business is an interactive viewer in which you control the presentation with his own hands thanks to a robust gesture recognition. No calibration is required and is able to recognize different users at the same time, they can quickly switch control of the presentation.

“Natural Business supports multiple image formats and video, in addition to PDF files. It also incorporates a manager software to create and save presentations. This application has been specially designed to be used in conferences, lectures, teaching and any presentation.”


If this is a kind of office solution that you might be interested in, be sure to check out their website to learn more. You can use the handy-dandy link we’ve provided below.

Visit Project Website



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