Using developments in the finger tracking feature for the Kinect, developers are starting to create precision NUIs and intricate software that are of notable interest and use. This Kinect program make use of this Kinect feature to view and manipulate images in the user’s gallery. Deviating from the use of two hands and narrowing it down to two fingers, this Kinect’s new image NUI sheds light to how far the Kinect community has gone in terms of adding the finger tracking feature to the depth camera device. Just by moving the user’s fingers, the selected image can either rotate, zoom in and out and also be arranged and organized. While this development caters to a user’s exiting image gallery, we are definitely going to see this Finger Tracking NUI in more programs and serving more features. We would probably see online stores like E-bay host this technology to give buyer’s an in-depth and interactive way of browsing and shopping products.

Here is a brief description by the developer:

“This is a screen capture of my implementation of hand and finger tracking using depth data from Microsoft Kinect.

The application is based on the OpenNI Framework (, but uses only the depth data generator. The rest is pure c# code, no 3rd party libraries involved.”

For more information about the Kinect Finger Tracking Image Viewer, visit the developer’s website.

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