Evoluce is showcasing us this product that has integrated the Kinect and LCD Display Screen in order to create a fully functional 3-D Sensing Media Hub. The I-VOLUCE enables a natural user interface of gesture-based browsing and presents it for consumer use. Wolfgang Herfurtner from the Evoluce team shared this Kinect program with us that presents the I-VOLUCE’s features and the possible commercial ventures and businesses it can improve on. In the video, the user is seen manipulating pictures with his hand and fingers. The I-VOLUCE has really stepped up with the concept of their product by integrating the various improvements and breakthroughs that the Kinect community has given. Through this compiled and refined product, the world can finally see the fruits of the Kinect community, and Evoluce’s Labor.

Here is a description by Evoluce:

The I-VOLUCE lets you control multi-touch applications without touching the screen. WIN&I software and integrated 3D-sensors (Kinect) allow you to use finger gestures. The I-VOLUCE and WIN&I software is ideal to be used in areas like office, retail, digital signage, exhibitions, gaming, museums and education. The I-VOLUCE is a all-in-one solution that offers gesture control software and integrated hardware. It works also through shop windows and is a plug&play solution for software developers and customers.

For more information about the I-VOLUCE, visit the product’s website.

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