It’s really quite a bit of a bummer that we’re already 12 years into the new century and we’ve yet to see the promised technology we’ve read about in books and seen in movies. Where’s my hoverboard? And why aren’t we being served by humanoid robots yet? While we haven’t heard about Kinect-based hoverboard projects, we have come across one that helps further robotics — enter this humanoid robot that uses a Kinect for it’s head. Here are the details from the porject developer:

“I built a humanoid robot torso equipped with a Kinect sensor head. Please have a look at my website for further pictures and videos (currently the description is available in German only, sorry). The robot was already featured on the make blog but I thought it could be especially interesting to readers of because it makes extensive use of the Kinect sensor for things like tracking a person and imitating arm movements of a person. Though these are only the very first steps in this project they showshow useful the Kinect is in the field of robotics.”

There’s a lot more interesting details presented in the developer’s blog. Be sure to check it out after you’ve seen his Kinect robot in action.

What do you think of this Kinect robot? Any suggestions on how the developer can improve on it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Visit Project Website


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