Now that the Kinect SDK has come out, we’re seeing a lot of new and interesting hacks from the community! The Kinect Holographic Display is a Kinect creation made from the recently released SDK. This video by Davy Loots shows the SDK has given users more freedom and features to make impressive and efficient Kinect hacks. In this video, an image is displayed in a flat screen monitor. The Kinect is able to track the user and adjust the image accordingly to the user’s position. This creates then the illusion that the object is actually there, that is it truly a tangible object to hold. But it is only a 2d image which changes based on the Kinect’s input. This is the first Kinect SDK product that was submitted to us yet the synergy of the new SDK and the developer’s creativity is already a thing of beauty!

For more information about the Kinect Holographic Display with the Kinect SDK, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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  1. this is completly amazing. not unlike jonny lee’s experiment with the wiimote hack three years ago. this could be very interesting if games could be made around this type of technology. truly an awsome spectacle.


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