Halloween may be a couple of months away but we thought we’d share something that could make your next Kinect gaming session a scary but fun experience — Ghosthunter!

In Ghosthunter, the player explores a haunted house to find and capture wandering spirits. To aid them in this quest, players have a ghost detector and capture unit, which they use to scan the room for poltergeists. As they scan, the ghost detector, which in this case is your Xbox 360 controller, vibrates when a ghost is near. Here are a little more details from the developers:

“The player moves the Xbox 360 controller around in the Kinect-visible space to act out the process of scanning the room, bringing them closer into the action. When a ghost pops out, players are so engaged that they literally jump in surprise!”

Ghosthunter, which won the UCSC Sammy Awards 2012 Practicum Prize,¬†looks like a fun little title that brings us back to the Kinect’s gaming roots. Check it out and let us know what you think!


  1. You know what guys. Despite Ghost Hunter being what looks like a beta. You’ve done a great job. It actually reminds me of Fatal Frame and Slender Man in a way. Well. More Fatal Frame than anything.

    And having to use the controls the way you do. I personally think some of the bigger companies could learn from your work.

    (Don’t just flail your arms around like a frikin moron. incorporate both the controllers and the user as the controls)

    Keep it up guys. This looks like spooky fun.


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