More developments are on their way in pushing the Kinect’s ability to firmly detect every aspect of the user’s body. The latest we are seeing in the hand gesture category is this Kinect technology displayed here by¬†CJ Della Porta. The Hand Feature Extraction and Shape Detection in 3D Space showcases the additional features that the Kinect community can use in expanding the portfolio of Kinect hand gesture commands. The developer was able to create a program that solely detects the hand through shape detection. As the hand is raised, the Kinect detects the user’s hand and responds to the gestures created by the hand. As seen in the video, closing the hand puts the Kinect program in mouse mode while an open palm hand will make the program enter the click mode. What impresses us with the Kinect is that it adds an efficient suggestion to hand-based commands with the Kinect. It can also freely isolate the hand from the rest of the body, making it easier for future developers to create programs that make use of the hand only.

For more information about the Hand Detection using Kinect in 3d Space, visit the project’s Vimeo Website.

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