OpenKinect on PC



The following guide, download links and texts are from the community. wishes to share the detailed installation process and the libfreenect software c/o the in giving the Kinect community the information they need to create programs with the Kinect and to give community, the recognition due to them for their immense contribution to the Kinect community.


“OpenKinect is an open community of people interested in making use of the amazing Xbox Kinect hardware with our PCs and other devices. We are working on free, open source libraries that will enable the Kinect to be used with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The OpenKinect community consists of over 2000 members contributing their time and code to the Project. Our members have joined this Project with the mission of creating the best possible suite of applications for the Kinect. OpenKinect is a true “open source” community!

Our primary focus is currently theĀ libfreenect software. Code contributed to OpenKinect where possible is made available under an Apache20 or optional GPL2 license.”

User Guide:

For detailed information on installing the OpenKinect libfreenect software, visit the’s guide.

Download OpenKinect:

Download the OpenKinect libfreenect software here.