Kinect Mocap Tutorial 3

Disclaimer: This guide was created by Reuben Fleming, a free-lance Animator and 3d Artist. does not own this guide. Rather, by us sharing this in this in our website, we would like to share Reuben Fleming’s work to aid the Kinect community in better understanding the Motion Capture feature of the Kinect. Also, this move to feature his guide on our site is to give due recognition to creator of this guide. For more information about Reuben Fleming’s work, visit his website at

Tutorial 3Importing your animation onto your Biped

1: Open the Max file you saved in tutorial 1. (The one with the renamed Biped in a Tpose)

2: Make sure you are not in figure mode. (This is important)

3: Import your FBX file. (This is the file you saved in Motionbuilder featuring your characterized Biped skeleton, actor and C3d data)

4: Make sure you select the correct ‘Take’ to import. (In import options make sure File Content: is set to ‘Update scene elements’)Saving out as a .Bip

5: Save the animation out as a .Bip file and apply this to any Biped you like in 3dsMax.Tip: Loading in your .Bip file through the Motion Capture panel will allow you to reduce keys which could help when you come to edit the animation later on.