Do you feel that every wall is a blank canvass waiting for a masterpiece to inhabit it? Or do you want to paint endless¬†graffiti on the city’s walls but afraid that the authorities might catch you? Well this Kinect program unleashes ever rebel’s creativity by giving users the freedom to paint their own graffiti! The GraffitiMaster in this video by¬†Simon B. shows the Kinect program’s creative features. Using hand gestures and movement for the spray paint strokes, users can enjoy the art of graffiti making without having the need to violate any civil laws.

In this video, users are asked to for a template graffiti that they want to make. After which, the the outline of the image is given and the user only has to follow the outline in order to create the image. The user also has the freedom to choose the color of the spray paint in order to modify the overall image. While this may appeal to the graffiti artists, the program itself is very basic and can serve as a teaching tool for kids on how to draw. This new and interesting Kinect-Art contribution is a thing of interest that community members should see and try.

For more information about the Kinect GraffitiMaster, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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