We’ve seen this 1st of April, the announcement of Google in expanding their services to users. The Google Motion project is aimed to incorporate user movements, hand gestures and physical actions in its current services. From sending mail and to searching in its engines, Google Motion is the future of internet browsing. The Kinect would probably be the primary device in detecting the user’s movements. This partnership offers a both companies (Google and Microsoft) a chance to push the initial method of communication which was body language. Since body language and human movements are supposed to be the innate way of communication even before personal computers or the internet were born. Thus, staying true to the essence of human communication, Google and Microsoft’s Kinect have partnered to create Google Motion.

Here is the video of the Google Motion’s many features as well as words from various experts.

We would also like to greet everyone, a Happy April Fool’s Day!

For more information about Google’s April Fool’s Prank, visit WebProNews.com’s coverage.

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