A new version of GlovePie has been released by Carl Kenner on his blog. He decided to release GlovePie v0.45 after more than one year without updates.

With this this version, you don’t need any additional software to make GlovePie work with Kinect because Microsoft’s Kinect is now integrated in Kenner’s software. GlovePie basically allows you to bind peripherals such as your mouse or your keyboard to be controlled by Kinect. For example, instead of using the keyboard in a racing game, you can use GlovePie with Kinect to bind your WASD buttons used for steering into gestures made through Kinect, like an imaginary steering wheel or whatever you like. Instead of using your mouse, you can play games like Starcraft for example, by using hands gestures and speech to command your units. You can even use it for fighting games like Street Fighter to throw fireballs to your opponent with your hands.

GlovePie has endless possibilities with Kinect. Also, the software can be used with any peripherals like gamepads, joysticks, Wiimotes, all sorts of controllers and many more. However, this version works only through Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows Beta 2 SDK while the other SDK versions for Kinect are no longer supported.

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