We previously mentioned Ghost In A Shell’s 3d Movie marketing project. Immersing users into a fictional environment, users engage in a mission that resembles that of Ghost in a Shell’s cartoon reality. This video by Vimeo User’ BMCL shows the actual gameplay of this Kinect program. With the Kinect motion capture ability, users play this Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society mission. Here, they can use their gestures in order to accomplish the prerequisites of the mission. The video is now available to be viewed by the Kinect community. Also, for those in Shibuya, do visit this Kinect setup in the Parco department store and give us your take on this awesome game.

Here is a thorough description of the Kinect Ghost in a Shell S.A.D. Virtual Environment:

“A new age in interactive technology takes you directly into the world of anime.

Celebrating the 3D re-release of “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Solid State Society” (ph9.jp/​) from March 26, Kayac Inc. has created a special promotional booth that places you right inside cyberspace.

Using Microsoft’s Kinect Sensor visitors can interact with the virtual anime landscape in the Cyberspace System using just body gestures and movement. Your mission: Locate and capture the Tachikoma character in the cyberspace. Be warned, you only have a limited time!

No joysticks, no controllers, no buttons…Float freely through cyberspace just by twisting your body to turn, leaning forward or back to shift perspective, and placing one step in front or behind to move. You can finally “capture” the Tachikoma by sweeping down with one arm.

Try the experience for yourself at the S.A.C. Premium Shop inside monozoku, on the fifth floor of Parco department store in Shibuya, from March 24th to April 19th. It’s harder than it looks!”

For more information about the project, visit the Kinect program’s Vimeo Page.

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