Stompsters is “an interactive floor projection built using the Xbox Kinect’s sensor, processing and a projector.”

According to the developer, he started work on this KinectHack as part of his course work for Nature Code and Biomechanics for Interaction while taking up NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program:

“After taking the combination of Biomechanics and Nature of Code, I discovered that I’m interested in creating applications that serve as an exercise in dexterity and is also an engaging game. These were inspiration to the general idea of building applications for therapists to use for rehabilitation or training.

“In my research for finals, almost all interactive floor projections using Kinect (that didn’t use proprietary software), used blob detection as the basis for user interaction. I wanted to create a stomp like interaction for which I definitely needed skeletal tracking data. I struggled for a couple of weeks trying to come up with the perfect solution before I came across the heaven sent solution – I altered and used Andrew Lazarow’s code that accurately mapped skeletal tracking data into my floor projection.”

Check out the developer’s progress by visiting the project website link below.


Visit Project Website



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