A few entries ago, we featured how the Kinect can help the visually impaired to find their way around their house or even cities. As this discovery set the mark in Kinect programs that have the potential to aid special cases, this new development bolsters that portfolio of Kinect-aided programs. The gesture recognition Kinect program presented by Youtube¬† gives user’s a vocal report of the gesture made by figure captured by Kinect. A kick, punch, jump and other gestures are recognized by the computer through the depth camera of the Kinect. This technology, if patterned with the right equipment and delivered to the proper user, can greatly help.

An example of which is for the virtually impaired. If the Kinect Gesture Recognition program is partnered with the Kinect navigational tool, people having problems with their eyesight can not only navigate themselves easier and more efficiently, but can also recognize the gestures of incoming human figures. A greeting or a hostile gesture can be detected and alert the user properly.

For more information about Gesture Recognition, visit the project’s Youtube page.

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