Natural User Interfaces are becoming the focal point of development of numerous hardware media companies. Television for example is mainstay device in every household. The challenge lies in further expanding the features of the television and this is exactly what Ana Carina Figueiredo did by adding motion-based user controls to the television. In this video release, you can see the user changing channels by waving her hand from left to right or vice versa. Changing volume levels can be done by gesturing the hand upwards or downwards to increase or decrease the volume respectively. It is a thing of interest that we are looking at the start of gesture based television. Media physical contact.

Here is a description of the gesture controlled television:

“The computer and the box are connected to the same home gateway. Processing deals with Kinect to detect hand gestures (up/down, left/right) and dispatches telnet messages to the box corresponding to the action we want to take: change channel up/down, change volume.”

For more information about the gesture controlled TV, visit the project’s Vimeo Account.

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