Having trouble describing your desired object? All that will be remedied as the Kinect gives users the ability to describe their objects with actions! The Kinect Data Miming is a handy Kinect program that will definitely add a new style of item browsing and description. This video by Christian Holz showcases us the huge potential of this program to change the way of search engines and methods. In this video, various objects have been programmed and their data is stored. The user then, if the name of the object is unknown, can draw the objects through their gestures. The Kinect Data Miming Program can then search through its wide database to find the description of the object. This is truly a game changer, an added feature that can help extensively in the convenience and effectiveness of search engines and databases.

Here is a description by the developers:

“Data Miming allows users to describe spatial objects, such as chairs and other furniture to a system through gestures. The system capture gestures with a Kinect camera and then finds the most closely matching object in a database of physical objects.

Data Miming can be used in a furniture warehouse, such as IKEA, to find a particular object. Instead of walking through the warehouse and searching manually, or spending time flicking through the catalog, a user just walks up to a kiosk and describes the intended object through gesture. Data Miming then responds with the closest match and points out where to find it in the warehouse.”

For more information about the Kinect Data Miming, visit the project’s Youtube Page.


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