Fruit Ninja is just one of those games that tool the world by storm. It has such a simple concept — fruit flies around the screen, you slice with your finger, rinse and repeat. It makes you want to bang your head that you didn’t come up with it and are not rolling in piles of Fruit Ninja dough.

In case you haven’t heard, the game has been ported to the Xbox 360 as an XBLA downloadable. Same mechanics only this time, instead of using just your fingers to slice the fruit, you can now use your entire body. The game is the perfect tool for living out all your 80s ninja movie fantasies. But say you wanted to show off your jumpkicks but don’t have an Xbox 360 handy, is there just nothing for you to do?

The good news is someone has actually managed to port the game for the PC Kinect. Same good ol’ Fruit Ninja fun, just on your PC. The developer describes it as follows:

“This Kinect hack enables you to controll Fruit Ninja game PC version with Kinect. You can simulate click with left hand and move cursor with right hand. You can set cursor moving speed. If you want to hold click you should put your right hand to the air than you put down for stop holding.”

Head on over to the project wesbite to download the hack. You may want to brush up on your Hungarian though (we’d also like to beg the developer to come out with an English version soon).


Visit Project Website


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