Let’s take a break from all the “serious” Kinect projects out there and take a look at one that should provide some of Kinect Hack readers out there some good clean fun.

Frenbee is an upcoming game from Fresvii that allows you to put together “shows” — these are dances that you create, customize and upload using the mobile device app. You can share these shows and rate ones that your friends have created as well by giving them “YouRock” votes or registering them as your Star. Where does the Kinect come in, you ask? Well, you’ll need one in order to create shows that will showcase your awesome dance moves.

The Kinect’s motion capture capabilities is the key to creating the dance moves for your Frenbee avatar. All you have to do is simply plug in your Kinect to a PC and create a 30 second show!

Excited to try out Frenbee and start pop-and-locking with your friends? Be sure to check out their website to learn more.


Visit Project Website


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